Normally, loading Monticello into a new image is a simple matter of filing in the code. For those wishing to participate in the development of Monticello, however, it's a little more complex. Follow the procedure below to create an image suitable for Monticello development. First install Monticello as usual:

Next, open the mc repository and load the Monticello project:

Now that we have the project loaded, we need to add the mc repository to the project:

Now we have to reload the project through the project its self, so that the project history will be recognized:

Finally, we have to reload all of the slices so that the snapshot history will be tracked correctly. Load the following snapshots from the repository:

If you want to work on MCConverter, you can load Monticello 1.x and the latest snapshot of MCConverter as well, but this isn't required for normal development of the Monticello 2.0 line.

Now that Monticello is loaded and the Monticello Project properly set up, all that remains is the run the tests. The above packages include 982 tests, and all should pass.